Loretta Evans


Loretta Evans is the heart and soul of Personally Fit by Loretta, and the reason clients keep coming back. The more you get to know Loretta, the more inspired you become. Loretta lives, breathes, and “walks the talk” when it comes to fitness, and has over come many personal and fitness challenges throughout her life.

She was born in the tough Bronx neighborhood of New York City. At age six, a car accident seriously wounded Loretta and her mother resulting in years of physical pain and recovery. Her mother, unable to care for her children, placed Loretta and her sister in an orphanage where they lived for 10 years. It was there that Loretta learned the lessons of self-reliance, strength, and perseverance.

After her fourth child was born in 1988, Loretta gained 50 pounds and for the first time in her life had to deal with learning what it takes to lose a substantial amount of weight. It was during this time that Loretta became motivated to improve her health and fitness, and started practicing weight training, regular cardio workouts, and managing her calories. One year later, she lost all 50 pounds and has kept it off ever since. In 1989, Loretta became inspired to contribute and share her success with others and became a Professional Personal Trainer. While raising 4 children, she started and built a thriving Personal Training business, eventually opening her own facility. In her 40’s, to keep up with her kids and in addition to the demands of growing her business, she learned and eventually excelled at snow skiing, water skiing, and karate.

At age 52, Loretta placed first in the womens open division of her first bodybuilding contest. In her mid-50s, she learned and excelled at another new sport, horseback riding, and currently owns her own horse. Loretta is married to Buzz Evans, co-owner and business partner of Personally Fit, and lives in San Carlos, CA.