Our Team

What is a Personal Trainer?

A qualified personal trainer is someone who has the expertise, education, and diagnostic skills to design an individualized and effective exercise program that meets a client's personal fitness level and goals. You and your personal trainer will determine your fitness level and goals, and then work together to tailor a program to achieve them. With a personal trainer's guidance, you maximize your results in a minimal amount of time. Personal training is not just for movie stars and CEOs. It's an innovative, results-oriented exercise program designed just for you.

Why work with a Personal Trainer?

Motivation: It takes more than state of the art equipment to reach your fitness goals. You have to exercise regularly and make each session count. A trainer will help you develop the incentive and motivation to stick to your exercise plan.

Guidance: Our training expertise enables Personally Fit to customize an exercise program, making it specific to your goals. One size does not fit all! Our training staff will teach you correct form that will maximize efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing the chance of injury. As your fitness improves, your trainer will fine-tune your program to meet your changing needs and make sure you continue to set and reach new goals.

Goal Setting: Your goals are as individual as you are. By taking into account what you most want to achieve, we can design a program that is just right for you to achieve long and short-term goals.