Our Clients

John, realtorJohn, Realtor
Client since 2005

Without Personally Fit, I would not exercise or work out as hard. I need the structure of having an appointment with a trainer. I really miss it when I cannot be here. I am totally into it!

Sondra, executive recruiterSondra, Executive Recruiter
Client since 1993

Throughout the years, Personally Fit has helped me develop a fitness-oriented life style. When I first started with Loretta, I would typically not eat all day and then eat a huge dinner and polish off a bottle of wine over late night business dinners, and then drink massive amounts of espresso and eat sugary treats every AM to get going. I now exercise regularly, eat much better, drink in moderation and have a much higher natural energy level than I did as a spring chicken in my 40s. Kudos to Personally Fit!

Steve, retiredSteve, Retired
Client since 1999

Since having a CVA (stroke) over twenty years ago my goal has been to work toward recovery and “keep what’s left working as well as possible”. Loretta’s Personally Fit team has helped me work toward those goals since moving to San Carlos in 1999. Both staff and clientele are encouraging, welcoming, and instructive in exercise appropriate to my needs, and I’m sure I am healthier for my time here. Most of all, I have improved my overall strength, balance, and ability to compensate for left sided weakness with right sided strength. I believe working with a personal trainer has been essential to my physical functioning and vital to my continued progress.

Rod, VP engineeringRod, VP Engineering
Client since 2005

I started at Personally Fit on my birthday four years ago. My younger friends told me about PF’s emphasis on strengthening your core through functional training and weight-bearing exercise as the key to having more strength, endurance, and energy in everything you do during the day. My wife and I started and had fun at first, then after a month we began to feel the benefits. Then in three months I got excited about being able to do more than I had ever tried in my 20’s, a terrific ego-boost. I leave every workout with Loretta’s staff feeling more positive and optimistic about being able to accomplish a lot in the coming day. The experience with PF has improved our lives greatly.

Client since 1999

I’ve been a client of Personally Fit for over 15 years and am a great fan. Loretta and her trainers have helped me recover and get back into shape from multiple surgeries in the last 11 years. The team at Personally Fit truly cares about you as a person and never treats you as a number. Many of the clients have been going to Personally Fit for years, which is a testament to its fine services. Seeing the same friendly faces also makes Personally Fit a little community, which is a plus.

Linda, business ownerLinda, Business Owner
Client since 1999

When I started working out with Personally Fit according to the scale I was not “over weight”, but I was soft with no muscle tone and high body fat. 10 years later, I am in the best shape of my life and am strong, lean, and fit. The staff is always creative, focused, and very motivating. Loretta knows what my fitness goals are and always challenges me to my ability and beyond. The facility is clean, well maintained, and has all the latest equipment. This and the camaraderie at Personally Fit are what have kept me a devoted client for 10 years.

Joan, retired Joan, Retired
Client since 2005

My previous life was as a non-exercising anesthesiologist. I developed Type 2 Diabetes and knew that exercise was a necessity. Thanks to all the great people here who make exercising fun. I continue to enjoy it and being a client of Personally Fit.

MiltonMilton, CG Supervisor
Client since 1999

I thought that, due to my age, it was too late for me to work out to develop my body. Loretta told me that she was around the same age when she started working out. Loretta’s physique, maturity, and dedication inspired me to sign up and stay with her for over a decade.